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Electrical Fire – 2016

The cause of the electrical fire was found to be in a cardboard cutting machine at a packaging production plant.

In early stages of the incident it was assumed that the plant would be uneconomic to repair and its replacement cost was estimated at £5m. Following inspection and analysis we decided restoration was possible, and agreed with the client that the strip down of the affected parts, repair and rebuild was the most logical and proportionate approach.

The Client’s service agents were engaged to assist and agreed to carry out the repairs following decontamination works by Fulcrum. Rebuild and re-commissioning together with specialist decontamination works totalled £450,000, less than a 10th of the original estimated cost of replacement.

In addition, the time taken to decontaminate and rebuild the machinery was 2 months less than the anticipated time it would take to purchase and install a replacement machine.

Consequently we were able to assist in protecting trade, on-going business and enable the client to reduce the scale and cost of the business interruption claim.