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Following a fire at a car dealership, the building was condemned due to the extensive damage both internally and externally, prompting the client to move to temporary premises. In order for the mechanical technicians to continue working, FDML were instructed by insurers to undertake decontamination works and corrosion removal of the ‘Snap-On’ Tool Chests and Trolley Carts, so as to ensure continuity of working. All the equipment displayed signs of smoke damage and the onset of corrosion with a lot of the electrical items exhibiting faults.

In total there were 10 ‘Snap-On’ Tool Chests and 4 Trolley Carts, each containing an assortment of electrical items and manual tools, the contents of which had been individually purchased by the mechanical technicians, over a period of time, thus having not only a cost value but a sentimental value as well. FDML’s brief was to engage with each mechanical technician, identify those items of equipment which were salvageable and those which were not, produce a list of priorities based on discussions and then undertake urgent decontamination works on the client’s site.

A team of FDML technicians set up a work area at the client’s premises, which included 2 dip-lines, one for the treatment and removal of corrosion from standard tools and the other for the chemical blacking of the anodized tools, bringing them all back to pre-loss condition. Electrical equipment was disassembled, cleaned, re-assembled and then tested to ensure it was all working correctly. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client, work was prioritised and completed around the individual mechanical technician’s days of or shift patterns, thus mitigating any business interruption.

With minimal disruption to the business, FDML enabled the client to continue to operate without any loss of productivity as well as ensuring that the sentimental value to the mechanical technicians was retained.