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When a fire broke out in the Bakery of a provider of premium grade ingredients and products to the food and beverage industry, FDML were invited by insurers to complete a damage assessment and prioritise remediation works to all the equipment that had undergone major smoke damage and subsequent contamination. In total, there were 4 rooms that had been affected by the fire, in addition to the Bakery. Due to the severity of the incident and the nature of the business, day to day production was forced to cease until such a time as all the machinery and equipment had been decontaminated.

All salvaged machinery and equipment had to be removed from the fire damaged building and placed in a clean external temporary structure, in order for decontamination to be undertaken, returning the machinery and equipment to pre-loss condition. FDML’s brief was to work hand in hand with an external contractor, to ensure that when they had completed the thorough cleaning of an individual room, the machinery and equipment that had previously been located in that room, could be moved back in immediately, in order to facilitate the immediate commencement of production again.

All machinery and equipment was removed, cleaned, oiled, wrapped and stored in the temporary accommodation, until such a time as it could be taken back into production. In doing so this prevented corrosion until such a time as the equipment could be placed back in a warmer environment. This included metal shelving and racks which were dismantled, decontaminated and re-assembled. FDML worked with the contractors and the client to ensure the project ran smoothly in order to minimise downtime and major business interruption





By working closely and effectively with the contractors and the client, the client was able to quickly restart individual production lines until such a time as all the production lines were handed back to the client, completely restored.