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When a fire took place in a ‘Clean Room’ of a company providing injection moulding and contract manufacturing services for the medical and technical sectors, FDML were recommended to the insurers to undertake urgent decontamination works on all the equipment. There was significant smoke contamination across the whole building, which contained 20 injection moulding machines together with a further 70 pieces of ancillary equipment.

FDML’s brief was to manage the decontamination and corrosion removal from all the manufacturing equipment as well as all ancillary equipment, with as minimum disruption to the client as possible, thus enabling them to maintain productivity in a highly demanding and important sector.

FDML assembled a team of 12 highly skilled technicians who spent 3 months decontaminating all the machinery and equipment, working closely with the client to ensure that priority items were worked on within narrow timescales, thus mitigating any downtime. In order to do this the FDML team worked 7 days a week to ensure the completion and availability of each machine, in order to achieve the timeframes set out in the project plan, jointly agreed between FDML and the client.

All decontamination works were completed within the timescales set out in the project plan, which enabled the client to continue to meet its customers’ orders, without any disruption.