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Fulcrum offers a range of expertise to insurers in the assessment of damage.  We believe that insurers should have options when dealing with critically important equipment damaged by fire, explosion and water.

While we are always ready to undertake restoration we also offer a number of advisory and consultancy services to assist insurers in making important decisions in the early stages of a claim.

We offer engineering expertise, skilled analysis and effective restoration

Fulcrum Mobile

Fulcrum Mobile is the name we give to our bespoke web-app, which is used to manage projects for you and communicate with you.

Taking a balanced view we advise insurers on the most appropriate course of action contrasting the physical cost of repair or restoration with the effects of business interruption and downtime, thus enabling the insurer to make an informed choice that is cost effective.

Where insurers require a technical assessment, we research the damage and offer an objective view. By way of illustration, we recently saved insurers £700,000 when handling a claim at a data centre by identifying equipment with latent defects and only restoring equipment damaged in the incident.

These Include:

  • Physical assessment of the damage
  • Expert forensic analysis
  • Business impact assessments
  • Technical assessment of repair and replacement options