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Loss Adjusters, Loss Assessors & Consultants

We offer a unique and highly specialised service to loss adjusters, loss assessors and consultants in the damage assessment and business recovery field, enabling them to respond effectively to major incidents and large commercial losses.

We have worked closely with specialist damage management consultants, as well as a range of leading loss adjusting and loss assessing companies.  Their respective major and complex loss teams have helped us to develop a unique offering that meets their needs.

Effective, informed and timely restoration delivered by skilled engineers and technicians

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We pride ourselves on offering an open and pragmatic service that enables the loss adjuster, loss assessor and consultant to assess the complexities presented by damaged equipment.  We identify any risks of fraud or latent damage and where restoration is needed, devise a reasoned approach that ensures the work is completed cost effectively and with the least amount of disruption.


Working alongside the loss adjuster, loss assessor and consultant we provide a three-phase approach to resolving major and complex damage

  • Assess

    Independent review of the incident that analyses the extent of damage to equipment and considers the business impact of repair, restoration or replacement;

  • Review

    Discussion of recommendations with the loss adjuster, loss assessor and consultant to enable them to reach a pragmatic conclusion; and…

  • Resolve

    Where restoration is required, we field a team of engineers and restoration specialists led by an experienced project manager with the expertise and experience to deliver quick and effective results.