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Extreme rainfall events saturated the drainage systems and overflowed into a factory producing architectural glass roof lights, installed across Europe, Australia and the United States. Water levels rose to over 2 foot across the whole of the ground floor, flooding the machinery and the cabinets containing the panel boards.

Within 24 hours of receiving instructions, FDML had senior technicians on site to assess the damage to the machinery. FDML undertook detailed inspections of all the machinery and equipment and it was immediately apparent from the marks where there had been standing water, that there was a strong possibility that the equipment had been significantly contaminated.  Silt deposits were evident to all areas which were originally below the flood line including the chassis of the electrical control cabinets without exception.

FDML identified the client’s production requirements and created a project plan with realistic timescales and actions, agreed with the client’s Managing Director, to decontaminate all the machinery and bring it back to pre-loss condition, mitigating any productivity impact.

FDML’s specialist technicians arrived on site and commenced decontaminating the machinery, to ensure that it was returned to pre-incident condition. Working hand in hand with the client, day to day priorities were discussed and executed in order to minimize any business interruption. Due to the levels of contaminant, all the manufacturing equipment was decontaminated using FDML’s  decontamination-based process utilising its proven techniques.

Working with the client, 7 days a week, enabled production to continue seamlessly, avoiding any productivity impacts, until completion and handover.