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Following a fire in an adjoining building to the council offices, not only had smoke contaminated all the IT equipment, but it had also been saturated by the fire hoses when extinguishing the fire. FDML were therefore requested by insurers to undertaken urgent decontamination works, in order to allow the council employees to move back into the offices and continue working.

All salvaged IT equipment was removed from the smoke and water contaminated offices and placed in nearby rooms , in order for decontamination to be undertaken, returning the machinery and equipment to pre-loss condition. As employees were therefore working for home, it was imperative that decontamination works took place immediately.

Following insurers approval FDML technicians immediately attend the offices and commenced decontamination works to all the affected IT equipment, ensuring that on completion it was ready for immediate use, thus minimising any downtime and business interruption.

All decontamination works were completed rapidly and effectively, allowing the council team to return to the offices within a short space of time.