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A flash thunderstorm during the hot weather season, in a 48,000 sq ft building, resulted in significant water ingress to the equipment and machinery as well as the fast onset of corrosion, due to the warm weather. The client, who carried out testing and research for Airbus, Rolls Royce, Network Rail and Shell, was on a tight deadline and needed to ensure continuity of business production, in order to meet the demands of its customers.

Within 24 hours of receiving instructions, FDML were on site to undertake an initial assessment of the damage to the equipment and machinery. Due to the onslaught of corrosion caused by the rapid increase in temperature, a team of FDML technicians was dispatched immediately to provide ‘first aid’ to the equipment that was most affected.

As there were over 75 pieces of equipment and machinery, a project plan was drafted, in conjunction with the client, in order to prioritise the order of items to be decontaminated, which would then allow the client to continue production, with as little business interruption as possible.

Two teams of FDML technicians were utilised, working 7 days a week, in order to maximise the amount of time decontaminating the machinery and equipment, in order to bring it all back to pre-loss condition. Given that FDML’s methods and techniques meet and exceed both military and international requirements, all the equipment and machinery responded favorably to decontamination and corrosion removal.  Each item was dismantled to a level which allowed decontamination and eradication of all incident related contamination and corrosion removal.  Sub-assemblies were also decontaminated using proven techniques.

FDML provided a fast and effective solution to the clients problem, which ensured that both production and productivity were not impacted.