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When a pipe burst and saturated a mobile imaging unit used for surgical and orthopaedic procedures, FDML was requested to uplift the equipment in order to undertake an urgent drying and decontamination exercise. An immediate response was essential due to the hospital’s day to day reliance on the equipment.

Due to the sensitivity of the equipment, an air suspension vehicle would be required in order to transport it to FDML’s premises, where decontamination works could take place. The sooner initial stabilisation of the water damaged equipment took place, the greater the chance of arresting any corrosion or degradation of the equipment, which may have occurred as a result of the incident.

The equipment was removed, stripped down and placed in ‘hot room’ conditions, ensuring that both the heat and relative humidity were kept at constant levels. Once all the moisture had been removed, decontamination and eradication of all incident related contamination was then undertaken, after which a full power test was carried out.

By co-ordinating incoming projects and working through the weekend, FDML was able to complete full decontamination works on the equipment and return it to the client 7 days after it was uplifted.