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Following a burst water pipe in an electron microscopy laboratory of a University, FDML were called in to undertake decontamination works on all the affected equipment. FDML produced a detailed report of the equipment that required decontamination works, together with timescales for the completion of priority items. As well as the main laboratory there were a number of side rooms that had been affected, which therefore required a structured approach to the decontamination works, whilst at the same time working closely with contractors who had been brought in to redecorate the laboratory.

All equipment had to be removed from the incident affected areas, securely packaged and crated in order for it to be transported to FDML’s premises where decontamination works could commence. The laboratory needed to be back in occupation within 5 weeks, so there was a tight schedule to undertake the decontamination works.

The FDML technicians worked closely with the client to ensure that priority items were decontaminated in the timescales stipulated. As and when an important piece of equipment was completed, it was packaged up and transported back to the University in order for the manufacturer’s  engineers to undertake commissioning. All other completed equipment was packaged up and then returned to temporary rooms on the University campus, until such a time as the redecorating had completed and the equipment could be returned to its pre incident location.

With FDML closely working with both the contractors and the client, this enabled the client to move back into the laboratory and commence working again, within the stipulated 5 week timescale.