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When a river burst its banks in the warehouse of an appliance provider, FDML were called in to undertake the mechanical and electrical decontamination of two conveyors. Not only had the control panels and underside of the equipment been exposed to water but the water itself was contaminated with a sediment of clay, sand and silt.

The machinery had to be uplifted from the flood damaged warehouse and taken to FDML’s premises, where full decontamination works could commence, in order to bring it back to pre-loss condition. Due to the levels of contaminant, all aspects of the equipment, both mechanical and electrical, required decontaminating as well as corrosion removal, utilising FDML’s proven techniques.

Two teams of FDML technicians undertook the decontamination works, with one team extending the conveyor to its full length of over 20 metres in order to gain access to the under carriage allowing full decontamination and corrosion removal. The other team concentrated on the control panels. This included a full strip down to afford access for contaminant removal and the cleaning of sub-assemblies. Where components were beyond economical repair or had been adversely affected, they were replaced.

On completion of all decontamination works, the machinery was re-commissioned by the manufacturer, before returning it to the client, where it could be integrated back into the production line immediately.